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What are the GPS coordinates to Massage By Ben?
According to Google, the GPS coordinates (lat/long) to Massage By Ben are 29.516172,-98.461751
Last Updated: Thu 29:Apr:2010 Views: 1

Can you recommend a massage therapist in another city or state?
Only in a very limited number of cities.  If you're looking for a massage therapist or...
Last Updated: Mon 03:May:2010 Views: 1

Do you have female massage therapists available?
No, I'm a solo practitioner. So, I don't have female massage therapists available.  If you...
Last Updated: Sat 01:Nov:2008 Views: 1

Are you licensed to perform massage therapy in the State of Texas?
Yes, I'm licensed by the State of Texas to perform massage therapy.  My license number is...
Last Updated: Thu 30:Oct:2008 Views: 1

How long is the longest massage that you will perform?
I don't suppose there really is a limit on how long the massage session could be, but I don't...
Last Updated: Wed 29:Oct:2008 Views: 1


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